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Earth-Man for Earth-Girl

Grapenuts in the morning
granola at night
Muselix in the afternoon
makes me feel all right
Where did you get those love-beads?
Girl, I want some too
I like you

In the past I wanted to
get back to nature,
but I needed to be transcendental
in order to be an environmentalist
But it's easier now,
I'm making my way by being
just another conformist

You know I miss those Big Macs
and I'm not big on soybeans
But for your love I'd wear Birkenstocks
in negative degrees
I like your hairy legs
and I dig your armpits too
I like you

I really do not mind
the dred-locks in your hair
But every time I'm with you
the people stop and stare

Earth-girl, you're an earth-girl
I like you

You might say I've changed
I say I've found myself
I'm wearing no deodorant
some people say I smell
I've done it all for you,
conformity is true
I like you

Earth-man, I'm an earth-man
for you

Spring 1994