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All I Want

What do you see when you're free
from your worries?
Hurry, I want to know how it feels
to be happy

I know some people with radiant smiles
Those kind on TV that last for a while
They have no troubles, they hold nothing in
Let me be like them, where do I begin?


Have you seen Barney, that big purple thing?
His world is easy, he'll dance and he'll sing
He's fat and ugly, but he doesn't mind
He's self-accepting, he's one of a kind


All I want is a really good time
Just a really good time to relieve my mind

I like the Beatles, I like them a lot
They had their worries, just like J. S. Bach
I guess we great ones just need a hard life
It does refine us, we're sharp as a knife


Fall 1993