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Meet Me in Zarahemla

For the space of many days and nights
we wandered through the wilderness
Then one sad day I woke up
to find you were no longer with me
So I continued on my own
and made my way to our new home
Right by the northern portal
shaded by the wall's late shadow
I found your letter on the bed and read
to see what was deep inside your head
To find out
why you would ever want to leave me
You said you were happy with me
But, that you could not continue
living in this small city
You said:

Meet me in Zarahemla
I'm leaving today from Amonihah

I found myself stuck in a groove
and so I chose to make the move
I called the local realtor,
sold our home, our fields and flocks to her
I started packing in the night,
I made provisions for my flight
At dawn I'd make my three-day journey
over mountains, streams, and through valleys
I wrote an epistle to you
I said I'd do most anything
just to be found next to you
I said:


Fall 1994