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Copyright 2004

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Sweet Candace

She loved to play around the swamp,
to feel the mud beneath her stomp
She learned to dance in nature's air
and didn't notice those who stared

The village felt a sudden change
the well went dry from lack of rain
Someone had brought this awful fate
and so they picked an object for their hate

The parson said she was possessed
and made her wear a canvass dress
The flames, he said, would purge her soul
and save them from the demon's pull

Her parents shunned to see her face
she brought them such a huge disgrace
Why had she spurned this awful fate?
this question burned and further kindled hate

At dusk the crowds began to grow
and shadows danced in the fire's glow
A burning witch was nothing new
the devil finds work for idle hands to do

As soon as Candace was consumed
a lightning bolt shot from the moon
It set the village into flames
and burned into each heart the dead girl's name

Sweet Candace on the fire
did her dancing in the mire

Summer 1994