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You Carbonate Me

My life was boring, flat, and plain
Then my Shasta o' love, my soda dame
Bought me Pepsi
Now she's in love with me

Happy little bubble-filled fantasies
Are suspended in air, animating me--
Pop goes my soul
I think I'll lose control

Hey, you're a gas
                       (you carbonate me)
There's fizzing in my brain
                       (you carbonate me)
The little bubbles still remain
                       (you carbonate me)
I'll never be the same
                       (you carbonate me)

I was a watery, syrupy man
She shook me up, put the kick in my can
Now I might explode
I've hit the mother load

Plop, plop with a fizz, fizz
I wish I could tell you what a relief it is
To have her here
My Canadianly Clear


Summer 1994