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"Why Do I???"

"This is a unique little gem! This is one weird song! It reminds me of Sloan or Pulp for several reason I can think of.. but I do like the song. Not a hard metal song, just a nice kinda slower fun rock song. Pretty good I must say. The drumwork is also great.. I wouldn't mind hearing some other stuff by you people. I'll look at your bio, good luck!" - DevinLegge, New Foundland, Canada

"There is something about this song that just pulled me in... The lead vocalist is very good. You've got a great drummer. I couldn't hear the guitars very well...the solo was nice though. Good piano/keyboard part as well. I'll be singing the 'do-do-do-do' part all day now." - ruintherain, Cocoa, Florida

"Love it. I liked the piano. The whole song reminds of the cure. It has a very 80's electo feel, buts its a goodthing. I really liked the song and this sound is coming back..." - zebramussles, Ontario, Canada

"Wow...good stuff. This is a good song. Nice production and atmosphere. I felt back in the 80's...and it was good. If only Hughes would make Breakfast Club 2 and you'd be on the soundtrack. Probably in the seen where Molly Ringwald's daughter is romancing it up with Judd Nelson's daughter (yikes)!!!" - suprgoo, Alva, Oklahoma

"Nice tune... This is a song that just gets me... I love the overall sound of this... Normally you have to listen to something a few times before you can truly say that you love it... But this one got me at note one... Very good job..." - Dave_E_Worthles, Baltimore, Maryland 

"Nice Intro Very British Pop-ish tune! I LOVE British POP! So I am going to be a little Bias on this one! If these guys aren't from the UK they should be!! This is a well written crafty song, bla bla bla. Nice melody and chorus and very flow-y! This is one that if I heard on the radio I would have to stop and pay attention! I Like it a lot! BRAVO!" - areman, Baltimore, Maryland 

"Listen..Listen.. I really liked this cut." - blaqlily, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Great influences...hey im glad this exists...nice sing...wasnt sure at first but its really great...what a musical gem!!! cant wait to find out who you are!! drums are great...piano is perfect...singing is so happy...bassline is great too!!! (didnt want to leave that guy out) i hope yr from NYC!!! do you ever listen to the cannanes? not that is that similar but drums have that sort of feel...anyways great track!!!" - ameegomamma, New York City, New York

"Cool-@$$ tune! by far the best i've [heard] today!!!!" - cutandpaste, Toccoa, Georgia

"Yes check this song out! I liked it..I would listen again..good lyrics and good melody." - frankzee 

"let's go... 80s-sounding mix, like Wang Chung's "Let's Go"... or Big Country... even U2 & INXS. Nice fast tempo. The drummer was probably a hyperactive child :D Forgot the Ritalin on this track.. It's a catchy number, with the "doo doo doos" (reminded me of INXS). If you feel the wind blowing this way (in terms of what people want to hear on the radio), by all means, you are ready to go with this song. An instrumental break that features the bass, drums and/or guitars would be a nice added dimension. Pretty good stuff." - super_enthused, Sandy, Utah

"WOW! Great song. love the drums guitar, vocals, and the production. this is my kind of music. keep doing what you're doing, and eventually it will pay off :)" - thePLASTIC, Indianapolis, IN

"flock of seagulls? This sounds like 1982. Although this band is talented, I don't think this kind of music could be sold today. The only advice I can think of is change genres." - Elijah

"I think I like it. Nice "upbeat" song. Very 80's sounding. Hmmmnn, I like it, it makes you feel good." - Anaphase, Victoria, Australia

"This is cool! The funny thing is that the sound reminds me of my dad's old vinyl albums by The Go-Between. That's what I grew up with and this is probably why I am able to enjoy your kind of music. As strange as it may sound for my generation.. Anyway I think you have a great sound. Very present and fresh. The rhythmic guitar is truly cool. We don't get to hear good rhythm guitar very much these days. So I will give you an honest and well deserved 4/5. Hey.. coming from a punk fan such as I you'll have to admit that I'm being fair in recognizing your talent in a genre which I don't usually deal with." - Blodiak, Quebec, Canada

"Refreshing New-Wave Power Pop Delights.  Uplifting blend of David Gray and Barenaked Ladies with an overall identity of its own." - milestomars, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Church meets toad the wet sprocket. The acoustic guitar sounds great, the drums are also well done. The only thing I really didn't like about the song is the doo doo, but the lyrics were very good, and flowed very well." - Hoydogg, Akron, OH

"Very positive.  Its nice to hear a change, a song that sings nicely with an upbeat feel. Its not a downer at all, I like the lyrics. Good beat and nice sounds. Very catchy song. Id listen to this again." - MutantHybrid, Saipan, Marianas Islands

"Back in time. Sounds like a good old eighties british band...." - cereal, Quebec, Canada

"Kinda pop, very 80's.......I hope it works for you...very good production and very good mix...I wasn't really expecting it on the alternative channel but then again the question arises what is 80's?...I think what you are are doing is very valid indeed..I feel influences from fleetwood mac to duran duran..(no cut intended)all in all a very well done song......just "beef" up alitle and I think you have a hit!" - musclemccoy, Greewood, Louisiana

"GBV meets XTC meets Westerberg.  ...i like it. Keep up the originality, it's refreshing." - blimp66, Ventura, California

"Cool Britt-Pop feel to this song. It's half decent compared to what I've listened to so far. Commercial type song, but that's never a bad thing of course. Reminds me of David Bowie." - Gung, Ontario, Canada

"What a feel good song." - skillit, Wenatchee, Washington

"This sounds like a mix between a band called ocean blue & charloton's u.k.. This has a good feel to it. dancy drum beat, good vocals, good song." - microdot, Baltimore, Maryland

"Brit Pop Lives--Good pop. Reminiscent of Brit Pop of the early 90's. Good hooks. Plenty of bounce. Vocals work." - TTBear, Torrance, California

"Like the chord foundation.  Chord foundation structures this melody with over flowing emotions like this good mix." - Musicwithinusal, Johnson City, New York

"i feel like I'm in the breakfast club. Seriously, it's like Judd Nelson is sitting next to me and the little whiny kid is talking about how he brought a gun to school... It's well done..." - stewman30, Annandale, Virginia

"Cool.  I liked the feel of this." - dfish, Annapolis, Maryland

"Am I playing drums???!!! Holy crap. This should have been on the, "Say Anything" soundtrack. Wait...was it? Word. I like the drums, but I am a cheeky bastard. This is neat. Perhaps we will meet eachother, When In Rome." - thefifthutility, Denver, Colorado

"Great, very nice, great mix, great recording. I love the "do do do do do do do"s. I also love your verses vocal style." - yuitapwaxked, Midway, Utah

"catchy and cute, kinda reminded me of an early 90s alternative band or something. i liked the voice, the guitars, the lyrics and the general feel of the song." - auralfixation, Buffalo, New York

"Well I must say this is good! I sense some weezer in your track! Overall excellent production and vocals! This song is quite cool and I love the lyrics!!!" - Schnickerdoodle, Parkton, Maryland

"Sounds great. I like the guitar and drums. I don't like the voice though. Sounds too much like Oasis, we all hate Oasis, right?" - Robbgillybob, Frontier Village, Washington

"Pretty kickin'. Vocals kind of sounded like some of those eighties bands, like New Order and Psychadelic Furs. Cools beat and guitars. I really like the overall mood of this. Kind of sparcepop-like. Excellent job!" - Phaedrus0011, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

"Pianos are definately underused these days. Pretty piano, Pretty melodies. Pretty singing. A classic 'whoa-oh' or two. 80's new wave pop with a 90's feel. what more can you say?" - mochunk, Chicago, Illinois

"cool track, smart piece of music, great mix of styles." - mudboy, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

"Is this Guy British? Like the flow of the song and the liveliness." - kbruns1090, Dallas, Texas

"Great tune. Did you guys listen to a lot of music in the eighties? Close your eyes. We're in the high school gym. The brat pack are acting out our past. I smell a sound track. Can you say two percent of the film. Plus options on a sequel? Good luck and Thanks." - tssnyder, Atlanta, Georgia

"I liked the mood of the song alot. It had a very 80s feel. The vocals were very good as were the drums and keyboards..." - TheStun, Aurora, Illinois

"This is a modern day version of the monkees. Vocals are a little cure like or maybe Suede or Jarvis Cocker (particualry the Oh Oh) Music pleasant but is that enough?" - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

"I hate saying a band sounds like this band or that band but I'm gonna do it anyways, the first thing that came to my (somewhat fuzzy) mind was Love and Rockets. Good vocals, melody and basically a well polished sound." - lummoxxx, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

"The vocals are pretty good and I like the piano... The guitar solo is cool..." - hirtt, Lake Bronson, Minnesota

"cool vibe. a little bit on the pop side for me but not bad. good vocals. real tight instrumental. good rythm. over all an allright song." - planofman, Louisville, Kentucky

"This song has a good sound to it... I like the guitar solo because is is simple, yet very tasteful... I like the vocals and you guys definitely have something to work with." - jasonj6988, Atlanta, Georgia

"I liked the first line about coveting being a sin, not a crime. And I liked the drums. I was reminded of, like, Toad the Wet Sprocket and other early 90s AOR stuff." - sonikgurl 

"Old school. I like that opening guitar melody and the verses are different with that kick drum playing all the beats and no snare. The singing is catchy..." - jettisonred, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

"Sorry everything about this track bored me." - TerrorReign, Albany, New York