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"This is really great. I like basically everything about this song. The arrangement is super, the synth sounds in the background, the chord changes, I really like this song. I enjoyed this song very very much." - blackhour, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Really liked the intro. It sounded vaguely reminiscent of a music box or windchimes. The vocals are good, too-- imbued with energy throughout the length of song. They really fit the song's sound well, and the backups are great! Kind of reminded me of "The Proclaimers." Great hook. ...this is a really strong song. good job!" - SomethingShiny, Irving, Texas

"Good feel. It's a good upbeat feel... The echo of the voice and the harmonies are nice... The chorus slowdown is cool too." - GregSurges, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"Wow. Reminds me of the 80 pop stuff i used to LOVE! still do actually. Nice vocals. Great job." - Krome, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"cool. kind of a cure/ west end girls feel. good changes and sound. better lyrics than most. the song flows very well, into a very good break, i like this..... you already have the tracks to set yourselfs apart." - Accusations, Decatur, Georgia

"Solid pop song... The intro reminded me of "Alive and Kicking" by Simple Minds, which I now admit, is a favorite of mine. Lead vocals could be pushed up in the mix. Good rhythm acoustic guitar." - Rid, New York

"Its a keeper. Music sounded great. Had great rhythm with a little calypso beat to it." - xprincessx, Chicago, Illinois

"I feel the cure (without the over production) somewhere in there. ...the instruments are very tight." - flagstbh, Chicago, Illinois

"Good melody, excellent melody. Vocals need to be boosted just a little in the mix. lyrics are well written. Good song overall." - Sagabu, Marion, Ohio

"Nice, fun, poppy, dance song... I like what you are offering up here. It is 80s fare, but I liked this type of stuff then and always will. This even reminds me of Shelleyan Orphan (esp. "Burst") and Aztec Camera. Could you possibly be working off of these great bands? That would actually be thrilling to me." - Leroy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"sounds like an 80s song..[it's] catchy..its a good song just not my style..lyrics are cool, easy to understand.." - Kristin_Clow, Haverhill, Massachusetts

"Interesting 80's melody...very poppy! Not a bad idea...the keyboard drives me nuts, and that is very 80's! Keep it up...not bad work at all!" - Realtheband, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"good song, nice sound" - UDREAMER, Westfield, North Carolina

"Nice percussion. Has a kind of Euro sound going on. Vocals show a lot of potential, they remind me of somebody but I cant place them. Style of progression reminds of Gary Neuman. Very well performed, with a lot enthusiasm and they sound really nice. Liked the kye break at 2:20. Nice swingy mood that keeps the pace of the song well. Best of luck to you guys!" - Felix_Eddy, San Diego, California

"80s flashback baby. This is a fun little diddy. It reminds me so much of the 80s, which is what I have to think the intention was. Nice little tune." - johnhaup, Mission Viejo, California