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"I don't know whether to dance or smoke some incense... funky...I like the wet sounding drums...etheral background keyboard effects....very unique...great vocals...really different than anything I've heard...I like the gregorian chant in the background..very haunting...nice bass line...overall very cool." - Elisia, Lynchburg, Virginia

"Great mix. Great sound. I like the feel to this song. Actually, love it. Really catchy, Got a good hook to it. Would be great for a sound track of some sort." - Deanster, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

"Fonk-ay.  Reminds me a little of some of the more dance-oriented tracks of New Order's later records (Republic in particular). The trumpet at the end was nice" - nothinghappens, Waterloo, Iowa

"This is a great song. I would have to say that this song is wonderful. Just plain wonderful. I love the way it's organized, from the seventies guitar riffs to the drum beats and rythems. Keep up the good work." - RSRInc, Peyton, Colorado 

"This is a very well produced track that works well in a number of ways. It has a high quality sound and an 80's flair that falls somewhere between Duran Duran and The Thompson Twins. The beat is catchy with a nice hook and supports the melody very well. The vocals are good and provide a kind of counter rhythm that sets this apart from the standard 4/4 feel. The trumpet solo is a nice touch that is done just enough to make it effective and not done so much as to make it cliche. It has just the right amount of length and presence. Nice Work!" - Four95, East Rockaway, New York

"Really cool stuff. Nice nice nice. Creative spacy groove, smooth vocals, overall just a fun song. Nice job with this one guys!" - Tdmgr, Hilo, Hawaii 

"interesting - like the vibe of this - more original than most - nice vocals - respect - one for the playlist" - Darkcave, West Sussex, UK

"cool trippy groove--this is cool. i dig it. i like the half spoke half sung vocals and the groove and the most of the sounds, exspecially the horn that comes in later. good stuff." - jasperblue, Richmond, Virginia

"Love the "80's" keyboard...  I must admit, I'm taping my foot, I like the vocal effects, all around good." - Blorp, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"dance! into the fi-yah! ...can't help but be reminded of duran duran by the synths and guitar downwahs. i'd say the arrangement is pretty solid, though it's definitely a call back to an age of synth long since lost to the evils of mullets and spandex's nice, well arranged and well executed" - ashwicca, Sarasota, Florida

"signature vocal style. good house music." - annasikoria, Oakton, Virginia

"kind of beats you along the path,traveling looking for that special place from your youth,sky opens fire breathing dragons surround you,like magic a black crow calls to you as a white dove throws golden rings closing the sky and the dragons turn to feathers,as you wake from this dream,good job" - musicwithinusal, Johnson City, New York

"Cool chill-out track, cool synths. I like the horn part and am kinda interested in whether or not it was real [it's real]" - Scott, Vernonia, Oregon

"Hi, The Slamheads! Just wanted to let you know that your "Requiem"" has nice sound! :) Like it! That's all... Thnx for your time and for reading this :)" - Synthetic Dreams, Minsk, Belarus

"cool job...I liked it... what can I say :)" - iamwax, Berkley, Michigan

"The looping sorta gives this a 80's disco feel. Is that what you wanted? Kinda gives me that Off the Wall kind of groove. Interestingly creative, though... Good arangement..." - lexig, Phila, Pennsylvania

"nice n easy. pretty cool. good rythm accents." - blackpool, Houston, TX

"Pretty Dancey.  Sounds good, and has some originality to it" - gungadihn, Los Angeles, California

"Very electronic....kinda distantly reminds me of Joy Division. Is good but more electronic than alternative. My favorite part is the breakdown..nice trumpet" - ladyblue0916, Bristol, Connecticut