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"The Poet"

"God Save Tony Blair. The song started out with a Joy Division/early Cure sound, then settled into a more mellow Ocean Blue-like vibe. It is a breezy pop song in the 80's Brit-pop vein... The lyrics are intelligible and intelligent, always redeeming features, and the fey flourishes (the "ooh-wa-hoo"s) are uniquely appropriate. The chorus towards the end carries a whiff of testosterone, as though someone momentarily clicked the remote on a football (soccer) reminds me of a song you'd hear in a coming of age story set in the English countryside, at the local pub." - The_DJB, Baltimore, Maryland

"Nice energy here. Reminds me of the Interpol from new york. Very New Wave feel, nice moody intro that bursts into the lighter verse groove. The lyrics are really good, the singer has a cool voice, again, very new wave. The mix and balance within are strong. The hook is top-notch as well. An all-around great piece of songwriting. Good Luck!" - natemcd, Boston, Massachusetts

"yeeeess nice. nice high tempo, nice drums, nice vocals, nice mood. very nice keep it up!." - SandL, Terneuzen, Zeeland, Netherlands

"Make It Big. Reminiscent of pop music circa 1984. Its got a nice uplifting feel with an energetic beat. Good vocals and lyrics... Nice song, good voice..." - veeoh, Auburn, Alabama

"this is cure all the way. which i personally love. ill never outgrow this music. i love all about this song. its great music period... this is great music. thanks you." - ModusMusic, Ogontz Campus, Pennsylvania

"Nice recording and played well..."- Homegrown, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"Prog Pop. Definite 80's Pop feel to this one with a bit of a Progressive Rush-like edge. Nice sound. Very hooky Vocal melodies stick out- which is a great thing for a Pop piece. Definitely sing-alongable. Nice backing Vocals accentuate those melodies well, particularly the line at the tail of the piece. Cool electronic feel to the instrumentation gives the tune a wide scope for those melodies to float upon. I like the shimmery Chorused clean guitar stuff in there as well- adds nice depth to the piece ala Andy Summers. Production could use a little more depth- but the tune itself is good in a retro kinda way. New, yet old sound if ya know what I mean. Best of luck to ya." - MaxCooper, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Retro. Definitely has the 80s pop thing going on. New Order and The Cure elements. Nice tune... Overall, pretty cool." - saatyc, Boonesville, Kentucky

"why am I hearing so many songs in the alternative section that sound almost 80's? Is there some sort of 80's fad going on? well, anyway, nice opening guitar riff...played well... Singing is appriately 80's tinged... decent production..." - everydayinfo, Auburn, New Hampshire

"loved the guitars on the intro. grabbed my attention from the first note... its got a good beat and a melody.. you guys have a great foundation with this one!" - gate343, Delaware, Ohio

"British Invasion! I like this sort of music.. reminds me of a lot of good eighties songs that were put to some even better movies (ie the Breakfast Club)" - doderic, Star City, West Virginia

"a cure for the depeche mode. my favorite part of the eighties. production could be better, but i like the song..." - revgravity, Goose Creek, South Carolina

"i AM listening! early eighties progression. like a pat benetar power ballad. a quick switch to a more smiths like verse. really great catchy chorus. very passionate and honest vocals. i love your voice! this could be a little dirtier producton wise. great psychedlic furs style backup vocals. this is great! almost as good as 14 iced bears!" - deimon, Echo Park, California

"...good job I especially like the sound quality Rock on" - SaturnAscends, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

"Bring back the new wave! From Duran Duran to Bruce Hornsby and the Range to the Pogues all in the first 60 seconds! Vintage 80s Casio effects give way to welcome melodic piano action before exactly the sort of vocals you'd expect to hear at your favourite local pub kick in with catchy and effective lyrics. This is a tight little track that any true New Wavers should appreciate and enjoy." - charles_ngrider, Boston, Massachusetts

"pretty good tune. i especially like the vocal line. good piano part in there as well. solid beat and good drum part. good arrangement w/ good chorus and verse." - differentband, Rock Valley, Iowa

"Sounds British, maybe you are - but that's irrelevant. The drumming is nice and stready...the back ups are cool. I can bob my head to it." - mrboucher
Staten Island, New York


"Very charismatic... I love the piano! Almost like The Cure!" - thecheat, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Well equipped garage. Interesting riff to open, when the entire band comes in I'm reminded of a more organic Flock of Seagulls, but that is probably just the drumming right before verse one. This is really well crafted pop rock. Everything is professional and polished, hooks sprinkled throughout. Some of the arrangement choices aren't the ones I would make and put me back in the mind of the Flock again, but they are stylstic decisions that your talent qualifies you to make and are not a knock. All in all a great piece of fauxBrit pop music that was pleasant to hear." - mixolydian, Boston, Massachusetts

"80's new wave. Pretty cool, that Cure sound. Good recording and performance..." - indicator01, Marietta, Georgia

"New wavy. The song had a great new wave feel to it. Reminds me of the 80's and hairspray. I liked the piano in the background." - decko, Seattle, Washington