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"Never Understood"

"Ready for radio. This sounds very much like a song I would here on the radio...the arrangement and production sound great. It does not remind me of anyone else so that makes this a rather original tune. Good Luck!" - usfromkc, Kansas City, Missouri

"Cool song. I like the mood and feal. Great mix too. I like the bass and drums. This song is nice and chill. Could see it as i'm driving cross country. Nice job!" - Kinhighseasons
Denver, Colorado

"great mix, you can hear and undestand every aspect of the song. Nice job." - jeffmaunus, Ashtabula, Ohio

"nice quirky little number. great sounds and guitar tones. very nice. sounds like exit music for a john hughes movie...or could have been. well done!" - jonahtheband, Portland, Oregon

"i like the tune... good guitar... arranged well...builds and has dynamics w/ introduction of different instruments. good luck!" - mrcmr1, Chicago, Illinois

"Very snappy pop tune, optimistic vocals. Great upbeat tune with happy vocals. I liked the structure of the song and the way the song moves. Made me want to get up and dance a little twist. Right the opposite from a depressive song, which I hear a lot of these days." - INTWO, Atlanta, Georgia

"Cool dreamy, driving track... The melody line is solid and I dig the guitar "echo" hook in the chorus. This song has LOADS of potential... Great guitar work." - JivinJones, New York

"Phish vocalist...the anchore is very good, and engaging... Nice slide guitar. Good luck." - silent fish, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Progressive moods. Like the keyboards arrangements...kind of lift intro and verse part. Guitar part in chorus is quite in your face but OK. Moods change progressively." - corky13, Paceville, Malta

"Cool guitar. This song is a nice mellow song. It reminds me of the Cars or Sugar Ray. I know they're a far cry from each other." - christopherlang, Porter, Indiana

"Great music... Lyrics are cool... Nice arrangement, the melody is great too..." - RichStolp, Piscataway, New Jersey

"calm pop. everything's nice... the vox are nice. good vocals." - IronCurtain, San Jose, California

"songwriting your strong suit... the bongos were a nice addition, and the guitar playing and hook were good." - bushman_00, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"Nice guitar work. I really like the guitar work in the prechorus and chorus. Not your average barre chords, which is always nice. The vocals remind me of They Might Be Giants." - telegram_sam, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Tight. Great beat that's what is drawing up the song... What I've realy liked in the song the guitar riffs.They have that country sound feeling.They're excellent." - revelstokeHamilton, Ontario, Canada

"Very 80's sounding, I do like it, while not my style, good segments and connectiing segments... work it dude, very nice sounds... sounds a bit digital but it works for this song." - SafeMaster, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"...happy. Catchy and cute. Reminds me of older style brit pop. I like it, the song is very nice. I enjoy the matter of fact lyrics. You should consider finding publishing for this one. I think the song is stronger than the delivery." - Volya, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"i like this song. This song has gotta great sound. The verse riff is tight as hell...all the instrumetns blend very well together, with very decent lyrics." - ThaShyt317, Farmington Hills, Michigan

"ambient. this track is definitely original." - ethicka, Henniker, New Hampshire

"Nice guitar lines. I like the guitars... Sounds like a really good home studio song. Song writing is good, and vocals have character. Strength of song, however, is the great 3 guitars you have going (acoustic, slide and downward scale).. Nice!" - MoonshineMan, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"mellow fellow. cool guys remind me of the thompson twins a little ....i like how the instruments fill in on the chorus they give the song more depth." - workinonit, North Reading, Massachusetts

"Boy I always have trouble with a lyric that has the word eternity in it, but this one handles it the best way I've heard so far...the music ideas behind [the lyrics] show maturity... I like most of everything else, the groove, the guitar licks, the steady beat." - Nozonozo, Miami, Florida

"cool guitars and vocals in a fine young cannibals sort of way. nicely done. i like it. good job." - colah, Tucker, Georgia