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"Drowning in Your Eyes"

"Nice moody pop. Tear jerking pop opus has some excellent production, and honeydripping lead vocal. Reminds me of club pop from the mid 80's. Fine songwriting." EJ Wells, Toledo, OH

"song sounds real good! i like the melody; the mood it provides. i like how it works with the piano and the guitar lines. the song sounds very 80's influenced to me. nice work", zen_lizard, Seattle, Washington

"Tunes that grabs at your heart.  Nice lyrics...they have some good meaning behind them. Your melody is fairly catchy, and the mood the song sets is a mix between sappy love and unsure about feelings. Your use of the piano is an excellent touch." - IWannaBeDebbieH, Mcveytown, Pennsylvania

"I like this song... Keyboard part is cool. Grateful Dead meets OMD is the best way I can think to describe this song... Sounds great! Keep up!" - papersun, Los Angeles, California

"nice production... has that feel good thing like haircut 100" - lennonlover, Hollywood, California

"Lyrics are the best part! Mood is sort of like a nice fall walk! The piano is awesome!" - hangloose, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"...happy. Catchy and cute. Reminds me of older style brit pop. I like it, the song is very nice. I enjoy the matter of fact lyrics. You should consider finding publishing for this one. I think the song is stronger than the delivery." - Volya, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"very 80's in a good way! not bad! good song, nice melody... you're good at what you do. voice reminds of bernard sumner (new order)." - flaunter, Hopwood, Pennsylvania