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Just Suppose
1998 (2003 Recording)

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1. Just Suppose Yes wma, Notation  


Just suppose emotion is a matter
Uncontrolled, it flows, it flies, it flees;
Xenophobe to unforeseens and changes.
Try to capture and control your feelings,
Alter mind and mood, yet legally;
Play the master of the unrelenting.
Orchestrate the way you feel at will,
Set emotion in the cast of song;
Echoes of strong sentiments prolonged.

2. Rondo wma, Notation
3. If It Ain't Baroque... wma, Notation
4. A Tremor mp3, Notation
5. Diaphony wma, Notation
6. Tenson wma, Notation
7. Dreamscape wma, Notation
8. Jeofail mp3, Notation
9. Benumbed wma, Notation
10. Sem Melodia wma, Notation
11. I'm Getting Old wma, Notation
12. Amoret for Stacey Lyn mp3, Notation
13. Amoret for Emma* mp3
14. A Juste Pox mp3, Notation
15. No Dor wma, Notation
16. Just Suppose No wma, Notation
* bonus track

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