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What You Did

Set it ablaze then threw it in my face
Laughed as it just smoldered for days and days--
And the smoke got in eyes

Drove it to London then dropped it in the street
Left it all alone to be smashed to the beat
Of that disco tune pounding three blocks away

When you came back it was still alive
A heart of gold doesn't easily die
Threw it in the Thames and then rushed away
Thinking the guilt would leave within days,
But the furies won't let you go

Washed up on the shore of a little French town
A beach so common, so sure to be found
Why did you find your refuge at the house of your aunt?
Not the one in Wales but the one in France

That's what you did to my heart,
and that was just the start

Standing on that beach with the guilt in your hands
Staring at the ocean, staring at the sand
Then your eye caught hold of my heart

Cut it up to pieces like a puzzle of love
Catapult them into air, now falling from above
To the cold hard earth below

The girl of my dreams is now the witch of my nightmares

That's what you did to my heart,
and that was just the start

You, they, nor anyone cares
As my heart rots on the shore of Normandy
That's what you did to me

Fall 1989