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The Casa Amarela


The Casa Amarela is a house full of pain...
The Casa Amarela--she won't go back again

For 15 years I saw her,
and 15 years she cried
For 15 years you've wandered,
now she's here by my side

I'll hold her in my arms for one more day
Can't you see my charms make her stay?
She'll stay...

Two eyes that sparkle blue once sparkled grey
Here innocence remains, she's here to stay
She'll stay...


She can live a thousand dreams
forever and a day
The fear she's lived has turned to hate,
it's prejudice defined

Since she's left that profaned place
she finds peace of mind
Her suffering here will modulate,
her heart will change--

It's not too late

A Casa Amarela no um lar de amor...
A Casa Amarela-- onde ela se sente dor

Spring 1991