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Sunrise, sunset
Days pass by I can't I but I
But I cannot forget

Sadderday, there is no sadder day
A friend of mine had a hard time but I
But I threw it all away

Don't let the foot of pride come against me
Don't let the wicked hand move me now, oh no
Where did you go, where
Who were you with, who
What became, what became of you

Give me one more chance
Could there be a chance that you're here

Happy happy day, happy sadderday
All around is joy
Life is not a toy, my friend
Happy happy day, happy sadderday
You were lost and now you're found
Happiness is all around, yeah
Happy happy day, happy sadderday
I'm here with you again
Happiness is when you've found your friend

All along I thought it was you who had been lost
It was me

- Fall 1994