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Copyright 2004

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Intentions Sublime

Held back by time
Intentions sublime

I wait until the midnight hour
To end my days with you

A calming feeling from mind to mind
Free from cast image, no pantomime
Symbols are real things, even to the blind
Some full of beauty, some topped with grime

Right angles and tight corners
Thrust engines and back burners
Long fairways and deep bunkers
Hard workers and day traders
Large houses and small trailers
Less artists and more pleasers
Mild manners and stun phasers
New art forms with old features

Some thoughts are too strong to undermine
Symbols like shrapnel lodged in my mind
Free forming patterns on every line
A calming feeling left far behind

I want to write, bring views to light
Unveil insight, affront my plight

I've given nice things, I've compromised
I've looked from both sides, I've trusted lies
I've changed directions, I'm realized
Right of the center I emphasize

My letters form words
Some letters make history

- Spring 2003