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Copyright 2004

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder
It seems like years since I last could see your face
I go outside to retrieve your letter
And nothing's there...

In my dreams you are always near me
They're like a drug and I hate to watch them end
When I wake up I face the real world
And you're not there...

Your lack of correspondence
is filling me with fear
I'm anxiously awaiting
your letter to come here
Why don't you come here?

Every day I miss you stronger
Days are weeks and the weeks drag on like years
Why can't time move a little faster?
It doesn't care...

Why is patience still a virtue?
Just how far can I bend until I break?
Every minute I long to see you
Do you still care???


I'm caught in an hourglass spinning downward
Just waiting for my fall
I find it hard to breathe,
the sand gets into my eyes
Once I hit the bottom
the hourglass turns over
And then I'm on the cycle again
When will it ever end?


Spring 1993