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Copyright 2004

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Now I'm In

Nicole, do you remember the start
when it all was so new to me?
Now I'm building a castle
I hope you'll share with me
and you can be my queen

Today I can't remember the way
that life was without you
Ulysses heard the Sirens' call
and I have heard one too
now I'm in love with you

Since I've met you, girl,
things haven't been the same
One deep look into your eyes
can set my heart ablaze
The way you walk and the way you talk
can only mean one thing
I'll float on air when the big day comes
the day I hear you sing

Nicole, I'm glad I found you
I find that what we share is synergy
And I still build that castle
I hope you'll share with me
and soon you'll be my queen

Spring 1993