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A Day in May

Dear Owner of This Vehicle:
In backing out of the MTC vans, I bumped
your car and it seems like I pushed your
rear-light in. I'm working tonight until
9:00 p.m. My name is Joe, I work for
security. Please ask them to call me on
the radio, or else you can call me at
my home.


In a distant place I fathom
The things that can confuse me
Blind thinking blotches reason
So I open up my mind
There's a wilderness within me
A land where I've hardly tread
I want to explore more closely
This place inside my head

Inside we can let ourselves out
The outside shuts us up in a box
In seclusion freedom grows unaltered
In public we are locked in fetters

Italicized section written by Joe.

Spring 1993