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Parasite of Love

Five more days
till your plane flies in
I cannot wait
till I can see you again

With four days left
I miss you more
I wonder if you'll want
to be with me anymore

Three more revolutions
round our mother earth
The anxiety kills,
my situation is worse

I can't live without you
I'm dying
without a place inside you
I'm a parasite of love
And I need you

Two more days
till I see your eyes
I feel my body shrivel
and I don't want to die

Twenty-four hours
and then you're back in your home
I'm barely surviving
waiting here all alone


I guess you could call me
a little co-dependent
I cannot live alone,
I want to make you my home

I'm a parasite of love
And I need you

I can't live alone
or survive on my own

Spring 1993