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The Whopper Song

Well, we are the shuffling Whopper crew
We slam all night, that’s what we do
I say Whopper

We drive to Show Low every week
to see our castle, the Burger King
We get our Whoppers with extra cheese
the girls at Burger King love to please
A medium Sprite with lots of fries
they serve us good or else we cry

So cruise, come on, real quick, get down
turn that frown upside down
They don’t fry ‘em on a greasy grill
come on everybody, come on--let’s chill

Flame broiled
no greasy grills
The flame broiled burgers, yeah

There’s a man who’s a little nerd
we like to call him little, little Herb
With his nerdy clothes and his big fat tie
he thinks he’s a really cool guy

Ronald McDonald thinks he’s so rad
the dudes at Burger King make him look sad
Man, that Ronald, what a clown
Ronald should really get out of town

Flame broiled
we like them flame broiled
yes we do, yeah

December 1986